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Fina Ejerique for girls ss18

spring summer 2018

This collection dives deep into the sea, taking us to a universe of infinity calm at a slow pace.

We let ourselves go with a dreamy cadence into a world where shapes can be capricious or strong.

For the unexpected frills inspired by sea shells and fluid fabrics.




Fina Ejerique boys

With garments made in fabrics that combine with the designs for the babies and the girls, our collection allows to dress the little ones matching, without forgetting the individuality of each child.

Shorts with suspenders and light and airy shirts for the boys, paired with sweaters with contrasting motives.

The colour palette comes from this atmosphere, with blues in all the tones of the depths and coral reds, pinks, turquoise and lilac.  


Fina-Ejerique for boys ss18


Fina Ejerique

We have the big honour that the Royal Spanish House, the Dukes of Cambridge or the Crown Prince of Denmark, among others, have chosen Fina Ejerique to dress their children.


love, dedication, quality ...

Since 1993 designing fashion for children, with much love, dedication, mime and high quality standards...



by Fina Ejerique