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Fina Ejerique for girls Autumn Winter 18-19

autumn winter 2018 2019

This season Fina Ejerique’s collection is inspired by old and mysterious libraries. Surrounded by books we begin to unveil little treasures materialised in garments that hide multiple surprises by modifying well-established uses, shapes and materials to create an unexpected joyful and unconstrained universe, where everything is possible and not all is what it seems to be.

In our fantasy library the books take off as tiny multi-coloured birds, displaying a palette of colours which are convincing yet calm: notes of cashmere pink, storm blue, eclipse blue, blueberry red, infinite blue and everlasting green are combined by unexpected pinks, mustards, turquoises and pearl greys.



Fina Ejerique boys

The fabric designs also surprise with spontaneous frosts, summer prints adapted to winter shades and classic tartans with bright colour notes.

The knitted pieces mix traditional motifs with enchanted shades which transform them into audacious garments for the children’s outfits, also accompanied by elephants, zebras, building trucks and even a snowflake that completes a collection full of unpredictable characters.

We want to keep on dreaming…would you like to come with us?

Fina Ejerique for boys Autumn Winter 18-19


Fina Ejerique

We have the big honour that the Royal Spanish House, the Dukes of Cambridge or the Crown Prince of Denmark, among others, have chosen Fina Ejerique to dress their children.


love, dedication, quality ...

Since 1993 designing fashion for children, with much love, dedication, mime and high quality standards...



by Fina Ejerique