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Fina Ejerique vestido de rayas azul y blanco SS19

spring summer 2019

This collection is a journey around the world gathering the essence of each place to embed it in unique and special pieces. We initiate our journey in a tiny land, where all the pieces are small and delicate, designed for babies, in pinks and baby blues.

We continue our path by adapting the wonderful Mexican amber to a family of pieces with lots of frills and bright colours nuanced with a grey scale.

Our next stop is the marvellous pink beaches of Asia: smooth and rounded shapes like waves in lava grey with vintage pink and even sea horses in the knitted wear. We then arrive to a green India where we find artisan fabrics with lots of small details and patterns and contrasting pieces with embroidery and cut outs.

for boys and girls

children's fashion

We fly on an aeroplane from one of our sweaters to a red and golden Russia of austere pieces where we play with the stripes of the fabric to create unique and surprising pieces.

Our last stop is a blue Mediterranean harbour, with striped and navy checked fabrics with sea motifs which recreate a sunny atmosphere of relaxed fabrics with artisan details which resemble a guipure of white flowers releasing the jasmine scent of summer nights.

On a different level, our special occasion collection is a display of tulles, cambric fabrics and viscose with rich embroidery in natural tonnes and whites with colour notes in yellow and rosewood pink jacquards.

Finally, our beach collection brings together quality fabrics with sun protection and bright colours in attractive combinations.

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Fina Ejerique

We have the big honour that the Royal Spanish House, the Dukes of Cambridge or the Crown Prince of Denmark, among others, have chosen Fina Ejerique to dress their children.


love, dedication, quality ...

Since 1993 designing fashion for children, with much love, dedication, mime and high quality standards...



by Fina Ejerique