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Detachable collars

Girl dresses with detachable collars

  For more versatility, this year we include in our collection of children’s fashion for autumn winter, dresses with detachable collars. Fina Ejerique girl dress fall winter 14 15 | vestido niña otoño invierno 14 15 This turquoise milano stitch dress with velvet collar with metal details… vestido_otono_invierno_fina_ejerique2 Or this dress, in old rose, with detachable collar made ​​of tulle and velvet. vestido_otono_invierno_fina_ejerique Like the idea? Search any of these garments in the children’s fashion shop nearest to you. Ask us where to find Fina Ejerique writing to community@finaejerique.es telling us where you live and we will tell you the shops where to find our our brand.

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