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Children looks good on patterned dresses

Dresses With patterned fabrics: an option that never fails

Virtually in all children’s fashion collections of Fina Ejerique, you can find garments with patterned fabrics and that’s because it’s a becoming option to dress the girls. Vestido estampado flores Fina Ejerique children's fashion AW 14-15 These are some of the proposals, with patterned fabrics, which you will find in our collection for this autumn winter 14/15. First, you have some dresses made in a sophisticated satin maroon pattern with flowers. Fina Ejerique Autumn Winter 14 15 maroon flowers patterned dress The following proposal: these dresses made in a strawberry shades patterned viella in three different versions, one of them (ref. A4038) hand embroidered. Fina Ejerique Autumn Winter1415 patterned dress Finally, a geometric motifs patterned in turquoise color dresses. Fina Ejerique Autumn Winter1415 geometric patterned dress You can buy any of these dresses in multi-brand cihldren’s wear shops. If you do not know where to find our brand, send an email to community@finaejerique.es, telling us where you live and we will answer with a list of shops near your home, where you will find Fina Ejerique.

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