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Grey waves for a Fina Ejerique Autumn

When we fall in love with a fabric… we are lost because we want to make all kinds of clothes with it, so that you can have the greatest number of combinations to dress the brothers and sisters matching.

This is what happened with the grey “waves” fabric . We found a fabric so versatile and combinable that you will find it in different garments:

Dresses for girls up to four years old and bloomers for babies.

Fina Ejerique kidsear autumn winter 2017Dresses for older girls (up to 12 years).

Fina Ejerique kidswear for girl autumn winter 2017Shirts with a Perter Pan collar, that combine beautifully with our toasted velvet shorts with suspenders and the raccoon sweater.
Fina Ejerique kidswear for boy and baby autumn winter 2017And of course, for older boys, you’ll find this fabric in a shirt with the mandarin collar, one of your favorites to dress you boys.Fina Ejerique kidswear for boy autumn winter 2017

In addition to this combinations we show you, in this 2017 autumn winter collection, you have other garments to combine with this fabric with which you can create perfect outfits for your kids.

Find us in your kidswear boutique. Contact us and we will tell you which ones are closest to you.


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