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Three different styles for girls

When creating a garment, the fabric chosen is essential, but the details are important too, and, obviously, the pattern. A clear example are these three pieces, made ​​with fabric flowers frost gray with a light touch of glitter. Fina Ejerique Spring Summer 2014 The three with the same fabric, but each one with a style. First a classic style with an embroidered honeycomb chest, sure it will bring you memories of dresses you wore when you were a child. A style that never goes out of style. FINA EJERIQUE Spring Summer 2014 We continue with a dress, with crossed chest and a pink bow on the side, a very flattering pattern. FINA EJERIQUE Spring Summer 2014 Finally, as we tell you in our post: Summer is coming, jumpsuits go out , our girls will wear a modern look with this jumpsuit. FINA EJERIQUE Spring Summer 2014Which one of these three do you prefer? Which one fit better with the style you dress your daughters?

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