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Little stars by Fina Ejerique

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Why do we like stars so much?

When we started looking for fabrics for the 2018 swimwear collection, among all those we saw we were particularly struck by this red stars on a light blue background fabric.

swimsuit by Fina Ejerique SS18

It was also the perfect pattern to make clothes for boy, girl and baby.

So we designed a dress, swim pants for girl, a swimsuit, a tankini, a trunk and swim pants for boy. The latter matching with a t-shirt with a rocket… ready to fly to the planet of fun.

swimwear for babygirl Fina Ejerique | ropa de baño para bebé tankini for girl by Fina Ejerique SS18
Swimwear for boys Fina Ejerique SS18 Swimwear for boys Fina Ejerique SS18

We love design matching accessories, as a hat or a basket that will complete the beach outfits of your kids.

basket and hat by Fina Ejerique SS18

It seems we are not the only ones who love stars because this is one of the best-seller collections this year. Thank you!

Get the most galactic beach look in children’s fashion stores, physical and online, contact us and we’ll tell you where to find them.

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