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Fleur de Lis by Fina Ejerique

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The blue keeps on dominating our blog. This occasion the protagonist is the fleur de lis fabric. A 100% cotton fabric, with which we have designed, different garments that allow to dress brothers and sisters matching.

Fina Ejerique Spring Summer 2018

As you know we like to give you the possibility that the brothers and sisters wear matching outfits with our collections, that’s why we have designed with the same fabric a skirt, a baggy, a shorts with suspenders and a dungarees with flounces.

The skirt has a touch of colour in the belt and you can combine it with various of our white blouses of spring summer 2018.

Bermuda shorts with suspenders have been best seller for a couple of seasons and as the suspenders can be removed, you have a more versatile garment.

If you prefer for babies the bloomers, which fit the legs, do not worry because you have them.

The dungarees with flounces, one of them in English embroidery, is perfect for girls to go very comfortable and beautiful. You can combine it with the white plumeti blouse with English embroidery collar or with any other blouse of the collection.

If you do not know where to find us, contact us and we will tell you in which children’s fashion stores you have our collections.

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