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Nuestra primera pequeña modelo: MaríaOur first little model: María

Today we begin a new section, “Fina Ejerique my style” .

A section where the protagonists are the most important thing in every house,, Your children dressed, of course, in Fina Ejerique .

We present you María. Their daddies sent us some photos, that have made this summer.

Fina Ejerique style: Mary

With this dress from spring summer collection 2013…


Fina Ejerique style: Mary

As with the swimsuit and shirt of the same season …

Fina Ejerique style: Mary

Fina Ejerique style: Mary

… Mary is beautiful. Do not you think?

If you have any clothes of our children’s fashion collections and want your kids protagonists an entry in our blog, contact with us through email: community@finaejerique.es

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