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Fina Ejerique: Grey and white with a mustard touche

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We decide in the moment we saw the grey and white striped fabric, that we were going to include it, in our spring summer collection,

It is a double fabric, very light and pleasant to the touch and we loved how it combined with mustard.

In this family there are two types of dresses, the design for girls from 2 to 14 years has a very special open back in the central part, a diaper cover for the little ones, a skirt  for girls from 2 to 14 years old and a shirt for the boys that is being one of the best sellers of this collection.

Fina Ejerique para niñas Fina Ejerique for girls
Dress by Fina Ejerique Dress back by Fina Ejerique

For boy, we can combine the shirt with gray shorts, with or without braces, or white, we leave that to your choice.

Fina Ejerique for boys Fina Ejerique for girls Fina Ejerique for boys
skirt and blouse by Fina Ejerique Shorts and shirt by Fina Ejerique vestido bebé de Fina Ejerique

Finally, for cool days, you have a mustard-colored jacket or sweaters in mustard or dark gray.

mustard cardigan by Fina Ejerique Jumpers by Fina Ejerique

All these Fina Ejerique garments can be found in children’s fashion shops, physical and online, contact us and we will tell you where to find them.[/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

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