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This spring summer 18 season the leitmotiv of our collection is the bottom of the sea.

Different shades of blue has a great weight in this collection. In dresses, flounces are like seashells that surprises divers and the details are like coral reefs.

This season, denim is one of the most popular fabrics. We have designed various garments for girls, boys and babies.

From dresses or blouses combined with the seersuker fabric trousers that bring a modern look and unmistakable style.  Fina Ejerique Spring Summer 18 denim for girls For boys shirts with a mao collar, perfect to combine with different kind of shorts. Fina Ejerique Spring Summer 18 denim for boys

For babies there are garments made in denim for all tastes: Dress, romper, bloomers or blouse. Which option do you like more?

Find all those clothes in your children’s fashion boutique. Contact us and we will tell you which ones are closest to you.

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