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Autumn Winter 2015 collection shop windows

We started receiving pictures of the shop windows, from the childrens fashion shops, with our new collection for autumn winter 2015.

This time we show you the ones which “My Princess and the Pirates” have sent us. This is a shop located in the Asturian town of Cangas de Onis, in Calle San Pelayo, 17.

Prendas de Fina Ejerique en tiendas de moda infantil Prendas tejido tipo chanel, exclusivo de Fina Ejerique y suéter con panda, en tiendas de moda infantil















Among the clothes, from autumn winter collection 2015, which have been selected in this children’s fashion shop, to one of its shop windows, are our two dresses and the skirt with the chanel type fabric in pink, gray and green, created exclusively for Fina Ejerique.

Also highlight two of our outerwear: The sheepskin-lined jacket with double-breasted and white fur coat with matching hood.

They have also selected one of the superstars of this collection, the green sweater with a panda, which completes the look of gray herringbone bloomers with white batiste shirt.

Prendas tejido tipo chanel, exclusivo de Fina Ejerique, en tiendas de moda infantil detalle del escaparate de Mi princesa y los Piratas dedicado a Fina Ejerique

















Viscose crepe raw shirt and green jacket to combine with skirt with the chanel type fabric, are some of the selected items.

They have created too, a showcase inspired by Alice in Wonderland in red, for which they have chosen our red cape.

Fina Ejerique en tiendas de moda infantil

We hope you liked this shop window as much as we. Thank you very much to “My Princess and the Pirates”.

If you have a shop and you want to publish your showcase with Fina Ejerique’s garments, please write us to community@finaejerique.es or contact us through social networks.

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