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Sweet colours for babies

What’s in our children’s fashion collection for babies?

In Fina Ejerique always liked dressing babies with sweet and dusty colours. A prominent feature this season, are the flounce collars, the stars of the garments. Fina Ejerique baby AW14-15 Green, pink and white combined with camel are some proposals from Fina Ejerique to dress babies. Green water sets for boys and girls, so you could dress your twins matching. Fina Ejerique baby AW14-15 In this collection of children’s fashion, warm fabrics hug the baby … Fina Ejerique baby AW14-15 …with emphatic prints, such as white spots on pink background, give rise to unique and special items. Fina Ejerique baby AW14-15 This is an adorable and cuddly winter in which babies will be precious and wearing the latest. Fina Ejerique baby AW14-15 How do you like to dress your babies?

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