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(español) Colección baño para bebé de Fina Ejerique

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The Fina Ejerique’s swimwear collection for babies continues with the blue tones that dominate in this Spring Summer 2018 collection.

In this case, is a sweet light blue, which we can see in the sersukeer fabric with which we have designed some of the garments of this family like this dress with matching diaper cover decorated with white embroidered strip.

baby swimwear by Fina Ejerique

You have the option to dress the brothers and sisters matching with t-shirts for both boy and girl, with a bunny and balloons matching with sthe wim pans.

Moda baño para bebé Fina Ejerique


Moda bebé baño Fina Ejerique

Some of them essentials as the hat and the cap, which protect the smallest of the sun’s rays. Fundamental, with the sunscreen to prevent skin problems.

Complementos de baño babywear de Fina Ejerique

If you want any of these garments, contact us and we will tell you in which children’s fashion stores you can find them.

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