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Clara dressed in Fina Ejerique

Lately we have not shared with you photos of your kids dressed in Fina Ejerique.

Marta, is assiduous client of Cosas de niños Zaragoza“, where has the advice of Nerea, since her children were small.

A few days ago she shared with us a picture of her beautiful daughter, Clara, dressed in an autumn winter 13/14 Fina Ejerique‘s dress.


Fina Ejerique Style

She is pretty. Don’t you think so?

We gona give many thanks to Marta, for wanting to share with us this picture and allow us to show it to you.

Do you want to share with us and our fans, an image of your children dressed in Fina Ejerique children’s fashion? Contact us in: community@finaejerique.es

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