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Un pequeño lobo de marLittle sea dog

This jacket is a winter essential. He will look like a sea dog.

When the cold comes, obviously we must dress children warm, yes warm without restricting their movement. In Fina Ejerique know it and create our collections, always thinking about the comfort of the kids without neglecting style. Today we show you this blue navy jacket, ideal for day to day or for any event in the winter.Fina Ejerique Autumn Winter 14-15 A navy blue jacket with silver double buttoned-down, which with our kids looks like real sea dogs. Fina Ejerique Autumn Winter 14-15   Don’t you think he is beautiful? Fina Ejerique Autumn Winter 14-15 If you like the jacket, look for it in your nearest children’s fashion shop. If you do not know where to find Fina Ejerique, write to community@finaejerique.es, telling us where do you live and we will provide the names of the shops closest to you, where to find our clothes.

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