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Pinks by Fina Ejerique

In this Spring Summer 2018 collection by Fina Ejerique, among the blues of the sea, there are touches of color, as when diving through the Great Barrier Reef. We show you the collection in red,…

By Fina Ejerique

11 June, 2018

Aegean blue by Fina Ejerique

We return to the blue sea ... this time to the Aegean Sea. You could see some of the garments of this family when we wrote about other families such as the striped clothes. This…

By Fina Ejerique

23 May, 2018

Adding colour by Fina Ejerique

It’s not the first time we wrote that the basic colours of Spring are white, blue and red. Precisely to this last one we dedicate this article. The Red The marine habitats and specifically the…

By Fina Ejerique

30 April, 2018

Striped Spring by Fina Ejerique

Stripes are a basic of spring summer collections. This year we have chosen a white and blue striped fabric that you can find in shorts, two diferent dresses and a shirt with a mao collar.…

By Fina Ejerique

6 April, 2018