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Vichy for winter?

Vichy for winter? Yes, of course. And as we are think that it's a perfect print for winter, this autumn winter 2018 - 2019 collection, we have selected two fabrics: Red and white and  black…

By Fina Ejerique

30 October, 2019

In red by Fina Ejerique

This spring summer 2019, red is one of the main colours. We have it in three types of fabrics: Linen, Seersucker and Plumeti, with which we have created dresses, skirts, bloomers, rompers and shorts. All…

By Fina Ejerique

29 March, 2019

Ceremony by Fina Ejerique

Spring and the beginning of Summer are the quintessential time of celebrations. During these months most of the communions and weddings that take place throughout the year are concentrated because the day starts to lengthen…

By Fina Ejerique

8 February, 2019