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Fina Ejerique at PITTI and FIMI

June is here and with it Children's Fashion trade shows where Fina Ejerique will show you the new 2018 Spring  Summer collection. This year we'll be in FLORENCE and MADRID. If you have planned going…

By Fina Ejerique

16 June, 2017

Alain vestido de Fina Ejerique

La ganadora del sorteo, en el que celebramos la llegada a los 2000 fans en facebook, Sonia Casanova, ha querido compartir con nosotros unas imágenes, en las que vemos a su precioso hijo Alain, vestido con…

By Fina Ejerique

17 January, 2014

Child looks for events

In this dates full of weddings, baptisms and communions  our agenda is full of events and a question arises in all moms’ heads: How to dress my children? Two words are key dressing children for a…

By Fina Ejerique

14 May, 2013