Winter clothes for boys you must have in your store

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Each year brings new seasons, each of them with the latest trends, preferences and innovations in the form of new collections.

Winter clothes for kids offer a lot of advantages – because they contain more fabric, they allow for the creation of exclusive, novel, eye-catching and unique designs to warm their bodies and care for the skin of the little ones.

2021 is chock-full of fascinating developments. And we’ll tell you all about it!

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Trends in winter clothes for boys

With the arrival of September and the new school year at the gates, it is time to fill your shelves with the best winter clothes for kids on the market. Quality, innovation, attention to detail and fashion – all of this in line with new trends.


Colors are of great importance this new season, and this is because, while dark shades are still the most demanded around this time, intense and vivid colors in neutral shades are making an appearance. Blues, reds, yellows and greens are mixed with softer shades to create winter clothes that are worthy of being worn and enjoyed in the most fashionable style.


Checkered patterns are still king

Timeless designs intertwine with urban looks thanks to checkered patterns. These will be the undisputed leaders of the winter clothes for kids. Plaid, houndstooth... everything you need for your clients’ children’s wardrobe to be equipped with the most fashionable winter clothes for boys.

Shiny fabrics... and so sparkly!

There are few things out there that children like more than shiny stuff. So next season’s trends include golden and plated garments with a metallic effect to make kids shine. 

Sporty outfits

The sporty style has been dusted and is making a comeback, to once again be worn by the little ones this winter. Comfort is key when it comes to kids, which is why the sporty look will be among the favorite trends this year.

Baby’s clothes: fashion right out of the cradle

Age has never gotten in the way of fashion. And this is because, no matter how little they are, parents want to dress their kids with the latest trends, tailored to their age.

Winter clothes for kids and babies must be comfortable, practical, gentle on their skin and also beautiful. In the new catalog of Fina Ejerique you will find just what you are looking for. 

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Top picks of the Fina Ejerique winter collection

Despite the fact that each and every piece of clothing that is part of a collection is unique and amazing, there is always one that stands out over the rest – a star that shines with its own light. 

Below we bring you two top picks of our kids’ winter clothes catalog:

Winter jerseys for kids 

Jerseys are essential for the little ones during the cold days of winter. Its sweet touch, fun print and adorable design makes the Little Fox model a must-have for your children’s wardrobe. And it is available in two colors: blue and gray. 

Winter hoodies for kids

As already mentioned, the sporty style is trending among the winter clothes for kids. This is why we want to introduce you to another must-have: the Puppy Hoodie model. Elegant, comfortable, fun and informal, thanks to its hood and the white puppy print adorning it.

So get to it and choose the best winter clothes for boys for your store. Your customers will be completely satisfied with your proposal and you will see your sales grow!

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