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Retail trends have changed if we compare them with those that have been part of our world throughout history.

The crises we have lived through, the difficult times we have gone through and, of course, the new form of consumption that customers have begun to develop, has managed to implement a change in our sector that we must accept, understand and implement in our own businesses if we want to continue to train the sector.

For this reason, from Fina Ejerique we have wanted to prepare this post, so that you can know what are the main trends that you must assume in order to be part of this exciting world.


1.   Ecological and sustainable fashion


Sustainability and ecology are gaining a lot of ground in social awareness. And, as it cannot be otherwise, it also affects retail trends.

The new ecological consumption is installing itself in our routine. Being increasingly part of the priorities of consumers and, of course, of many companies that want to follow this growing trend. Using ecological materials and sustainable working methods.




2. Interactive Clothing


Although it seems like a dream of the future, interactive clothing is beginning to be part of our reality. And it is that technology advances and originality and creativity go hand in hand. It may not be the retail trend that is currently gaining the most weight but, without a doubt, its promising future is not too far away.


3. Buy online


Online purchases were increasing their acceptance and use little by little, without haste. Allowing businesses to calmly assess whether it was their time to start being part of the digital world. With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, those doubts were dispelled. Well, the main trend in retail that consumers have wanted to establish is online shopping.

There is no choice or margin for error. If you want to continue being part of the sector and keep your business alive, online is the only way to make it possible.

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4. Purchase by subscription


Another big trend to watch out for is subscription purchases. Since they are completely new for customers and, for businesses, a way to maintain the company with much more peace of mind.

Today there are already different companies that are in charge of promoting subscription purchases, and it basically consists of the customer paying a monthly fee and the business sends him the clothes related to his specific tastes and within the agreed amount.


So now you know! It not only consists of new retail trends that apply to fashion or fabrics, but also to new forms of consumption and new sales methods.

Knowing them, researching them and applying them in your business will propel you towards the future, thus managing to captivate, retain and attract new customers that, otherwise, it would be impossible to satisfy.

Today the shopping experience, as a whole, is essential. So apply yourself to being able to offer it and increase your benefits while reaching all your goals.

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