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As the global retail industry has recently seen unprecedented changes in consumer behavior due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, retailers around the world are facing new challenges and demands.

One of the main priorities for retailers is to ensure the safety of purchases for both employees and customers. At FinaEjerique, we understand that our leading global retail clients are currently placing high emphasis on the coronavirus retail strategy to protect the safety and well-being of the communities they serve. Coronavirus disease brings rapid change and uncertainty, and we are here to support you in every step.

Now, see some tips to help you to keep your store clothes free from covid-19.


Clean and disinfect your store regularly

Use in-store measures to continuously protect your customers, such as add disinfectant products, hand sanitizer, temperature checking devices, hygiene signs, etc. Place disinfectant products with instructions in all critical areas (entrance, near products and in particular self-checkout counters). They encourage customers and staff to take responsibility and disinfect their hands and any equipment used before and after interacting with clothing products.

Place sample items in the showcase

Best practice to avoid touch and contact with products is, show your clothing items in the showcase with great presentation and details such as price, colors, discount, fabric, etc. Encourage customers to buy through window shopping instead of trying the outfit.

Display your product catalog

Guide your customers to buy through the product catalog. Make it available to every walk-in as well as online customers. Train your staff to guide customers about products by telling the benefits and specifications of each product. Help your customer to buy the product which suits their personality.

Make a 3D view of your clothing products.

Display 3D view of your product online, in the catalog and in showcase (if possible). It will help your customer buy from you without overwhelming when they see you have uploaded all details and the product is available with all possible view angles.

Provide a safe digital payment option

Simplified digital payments will help you sustain sales and reduce unnecessary social interaction. It also cuts down on the number of times your customers or employees have to touch the in-store cash registers as payments are made on the shopper's own device.

Build your online presence

Due to pandemic, people are avoiding unnecessary go out. They want to buy online instead of going to the store. So, it's very important to have an online e-commerce store. Upload all your clothing items on your website and build your online presence. It's a best practice to boost your sale when someone searches kids' clothing, probably your store comes to search and your store can win the chance to generate a sale.

Communication is the key.

Use your social media or shopping apps, to communicate security measures and procedures in place. Make sure you highlight the support available to blocked communities or individuals who cannot shop on their own, such as Pick & Collect, deliveries, etc.

Some practical measures

  • Whenever possible, encourage customers to use cashless payments to minimize contacts.

  • Where possible, shift staff to night shifts to reduce the number of people in the store.

  • Increase support for online shopping and delivery services to reduce demand for in-store services.

  • Rearrange inventory where possible to improve customer flow and minimize crowding.

  • Where possible, shift staff to night shifts to reduce the number of people in the store.

  • If the number of parking spaces is reduced to meet the requirements for physical removal, consider the need for traffic control, if necessary.

  • If emergency entrances are closed, ensure that fire and emergency exit are maintained.

  • Consider spending an hour shopping for older customers, those in need of assistance, and caregivers, friends, and neighbors who shop on behalf of customers at risk of moderate to severe COVID-19.

  • Finally, remind customers to be tolerant, kind, and patient with staff and other customers. These changes will be inconvenient, but necessary for the safety of all of us.

With all the advice you need to keep your store clothing free from COVID-19, all you need is the best supplier, manufacturer, and distributor to work with you to provide high quality, licensed products and accessories. FinaEjerique, offers you a wide range of trusted kids clothing to withstand Covid 19.

As you prepare your clothing store to stand up with covid-19, it is imperative to consider all of the other factors discussed in this article. No one knows when normalization will come, but it is never too early to think about what you will do when the pandemic is gone. Follow the instructions mentioned earlier and let us help you to prepare your store from covid free for a great resumption of your business.

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