Small business digital marketing ideas

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The retail sector is very competitive. Small, mid-size, and major companies endlessly ‘fight’ to get a foothold on the market and capture and gain the loyalty of as many customers as possible to increase their profits.

But when talking about small businesses, the fight is more difficult, because they must offer that extra benefit of closeness, customer service, exclusivity, and unique creativity that sets them apart from the rest and turns them into the go-to store for their closest customers. 

This is why here at Fina Ejerique we will give you a series of small business digital marketing ideas that help you achieve your goals and get much closer to your potential customers.

Let’s get into it!

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1.Small business digital marketing strategies 

We live in a digital age, and with each passing day, the internet and all of its platforms have become the best asset to advertise, consolidate and turn any business into a resounding success.

To do this, you must know how to implement the right small business digital marketing strategies, designed and customized based on the moment, your background, and direct competitors. 

Any business, large, mid-sized, or small, nowadays can, with minimal investment, create marketing strategies that get them properly positioned, favorably working with their image and promoting them within their sphere of influence.

Reaching customers, capturing them, gaining their loyalty, and turning them into ambassadors of your brand is nowadays a priority. So you need to work on that to obtain the benefits you expect.


2.The importance of local SEO

Local SEO is, without a doubt, one of the most important small business digital marketing strategies.

Search engines will show us among the first few positions when a customer searches for a product that is related to your business, and therein lies the importance of optimizing keywords as much as possible and offering quality content on your website, social networks, blogs, etc.

Ranking among the first few search results means increasing sales, so there is no doubt that it must be done conscientiously – especially when it comes to local SEO because it makes it much easier to reach the customers or prospective customers closest to you, and who need or want to spend their money on a specific product that you offer. 

Another important aspect to keep in mind is the content you publish. It must be high-quality, valuable, and of interest to your customers. It is undoubtedly the best way to pique their interest and promote your business.

3. Email marketing for small businesses

Among the many digital marketing strategies for small companies, there is one that is essential: email marketing.

This is because it has been – and still is – one of the most profitable tools used by companies, which is also very cheap and requires an extremely affordable investment.

Through email marketing, you can build a community, keep your customers up to date with all of your news, promotions, and discounts, and help foster customer acquisition and, especially, loyalty. 

4. Microsegmentation paid campaigns (invest locally in proximity campaigns)

Here, My Google Business, for example, is your greatest ally. It allows you to undertake the most favorable campaigns to convert the interest of customers over your products into profits. 

Thanks to micro-segmentation paid campaigns, you can undertake small business marketing strategies that are more targeted at the sphere of influence of your business. This increases satisfaction in the customer’s purchase experience and focuses your efforts on your specific area. 

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5. Digital services and innovation

Another great resource of small business digital marketing is the implementation of digital services that are integrated with innovation and make it as easy as possible for local customers to make their purchases, focusing on impeccable customer service, the ability to make purchases physically or online and receive the product at home or pick it up at the store, or even reserve products online to physically visit the store and acquire the requested products.

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