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And, as it cannot be otherwise, the retail sector is also joining this new trend. As consumers are beginning to demand that their preferred stores give them access to sustainable clothing brands.

Joining this trend, which has been standing strong to never leave, is the future of any business that is part of the retail sector. And we all must do our little bit to improve our world and, also, that our company makes benefits along the way.

Which are the characteristics of sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion includes among its values ​​a series of characteristics that make it the trend to be followed by any company, and that all consumers are focusing on it. And they are;

  • The respect for the environment
  • The use of ecological materials that, in addition, allow the clothes to last longer.
  • Social compensation, as many companies do that, every time they receive money for a garment sold, they allocate part of it to plant a tree, for example.
  • Ethics encompasses everything related to the retail sector. Called ethical clothing, and which is directly related to avoiding child exploitation, discrimination and advocates providing the necessary working conditions so that employees, in any of the retail sections, feel comfortable and respected developing their work.

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Materials used by sustainable clothing brands

Sustainable fashion brands must use in their manufacturing process different types of materials that, as we have said, respect and do not harm the environment.

  • Recycled materials, that is, all those that come from a previous product. Like, for example, all the plastic that is collected from the sea, which once treated, is transformed into recycled polyester or nylon. Or, for example, cotton.
  • Organic materials. That comes from plant origin and is obtained from crops in which pesticides or other chemicals have not been used. Like, for example, linen, organic cotton, Tencel ...
  • Vegan materials, which replace the leather, for example. And they turn into different types of fibers.

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How selling sustainable clothing brands increases our profits?

Sustainable fashion is a safe bet for companies in the retail sector, for consumers, and for the world itself. For this reason, more and more, sustainable clothing brands are more fashionable and gaining ground in sales compared to those that until now took over the market.

Social awareness is getting stronger and the demand for these types of products grows and grows as time goes by. In addition, the materials used to guarantee that the quality of the garments is higher and that they do not damage or harm the skin of those who make them serve.

By offering your clients sustainable and ethical fashion, you will also be able to increase your profits. Since you will improve the image of your brand and reinforce the values ​​that you are trying to transmit to your clients and future clients.

Loyalty, in that case, is much more feasible, as is attracting new customers. At Fina Ejerique we are committed to sustainable fashion making this one of our values as a brand.

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Join the trend of sustainable clothing brands and contribute your efforts to the global fight. The benefits that you will obtain go far beyond what you can imagine. Join the change!

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