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The health crisis has been our weak point since, in addition to all the human losses that it has caused us and the emotional exhaustion to which it has subjected us, it has caused a major economic crisis that pushes us to innovate to continue advancing towards our future.

For this reason, 2021 is the year of digital transformation in the retail sector, since we have been able to see, first-hand, the importance of being part of the online world.

At Fina Ejerique we are committed to a better future, by continuing to maintain the quality of products and services and even improve them. And to help each other to re-create a solid, improved, capable and strong sector.

So in this post, we are going to talk about the main challenges that we face during this new year to achieve it. Because, together, we will achieve everything we set out to do.

Let’s go!

Technology as an essential basis

Knowing our clients and the needs of our potential clients is a must. For this, technology has become an essential element, since it allows the different consumer data to be motorized and to carry out a more in-depth and accurate analysis of the real situation of each business and society.

CRM platforms, analytical technology, and artificial intelligence are becoming the main pillars to achieve this, so by 2021, this will be one of the most important challenges in the retail sector.

Digitization is the key!

The rise of digital platforms has transformed the sector. Either creating our own platform or operating through third-party platforms. Today, who is not on the internet, does not exist. So you have to adapt to the new era and start making your way to continue exercising your profession with a vision of the future and success.

It is important, too, to focus on multichannel. Be part of social networks to better connect with the client and transmit the values ​​of the brand to generate engagement.

Physical stores and their new strategies

Physical stores will continue to be the main billing place in the sector. But to achieve this, you have to modify the strategies that were used until now and focus on creating satisfactory shopping experiences.

In this new challenge of the retail sector, we must seek, more than ever, the comfort of the client, offer them different channels of purchase or collection, provide more satisfactory advice and expand the policies of payments, returns...

The sustainability

Without a doubt, sustainability is establishing itself as an essential pillar to grow in the sector. And this is reflected in the report on Trade and Sustainability created by Esade Creapolis, which shows how more than 68% of the participants surveyed assure that sustainability is a decisive factor in their purchases and that even up to 47% would be willing to pay more for sustainable products.

The world is of everything and, between all it is necessary to take care of it.

Customer comfort

Local businesses are others that will see their opportunities expanded in 2021. And the customer is looking for comfort, and for this he wants to buy nearby, living a satisfactory shopping experience, easily…

Therefore, it is necessary to bet on the digital transformation in the retail sector to be able to offer the consumer everything they need and, at the same time, increase their own profits.

It is time to take action and adapt to the new times! Take advantage of all the opportunities that are within our reach and face the new challenges in the retail sector that we must face. At Fina Ejerique we bet on your business and we know this year will finish with a lot of success. Your customers will appreciate it and your company, in the short, medium, and long term, too.

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