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With the arrival of the coldest months of the year, we all go out except for the streets. Winter invites us to stay at home, to stay warm and to reduce our outdoor activities. The wind, the cold, the rain and even the snow, do not invite too much to do life outside.

But, for those families who have children or babies at home, that cannot and should not be an option. Young children need fresh air, movement, to be able to play, run, jump, laugh and socialize with other children in order to develop properly.

That's why at Fina Ejerique we propose you our new collection of coats for children, with which, besides being fashionable and following all the trends, they will be able to continue enjoying their life outdoors while they are warm and cosy. Because, although society moves at a rapid pace, when we talk about children everything must go more slowly. It is the time when they grow, learn, know and are formed and, precisely for this reason, our garments seek to promote the tranquility of life and enjoy every second in all children.


So check out our catalog and prepare your stock! Your customers will be delighted to be able to dress their children with your products.


Sweet colors that wrap up the little ones

Every age has its things, but all children, no matter how old they are, are wonderful, fun, happy and deserve to be able to enjoy their childhood to the fullest.

That's why we have expanded our range of colors in our collection of baby clothes and children's clothes for this winter. So that your customers can choose those that highlight the joy of each of their little ones while ensuring that they are well wrapped up and protected before the low temperatures.

The navy blue for boys, or light pink for girls, are two of the proposals that we offer you for this new season. For example, the models with sleeves and low turns and hood to be able to face the coldest days of winter. The plain prints provide the facility to carry out any possible combination, between the different garments or even between the brothers who dress together.

But, as a novelty, and following our line of timeless garments, we recovered among our check coats made in soft tweed. Made with recycled wood, this option is always an essential resource for parents, so it can not be missed in your business under any circumstances. The use of coats in check tweed allows to dress children in special occasions, giving them a more elegant air, while providing the necessary warmth for the day to day and its daily use.  It is a necessary garment for any closet that wants to be well stocked for any event.

Another of the great novelties in our coats for children are the check coats made in soft tweed. They evoke the cold and icy Scottish lands where this print was created. In this case, the design consists of a series of horizontal and vertical lines that, when crossed, give a picture effect. Made of wool, they are designs that never go out of fashion and that, in combination with the baby clothing proposals that we offer in our catalog, you will achieve a spectacular effect in your shop window.

As, for example, the blue, red and white tartan plaid coat, ideal for girls up to 12 years old and that provides warmth, elegance and ease in all their movements.


Top quality fabrics

All our baby coats will allow you to give a different touch to your business. The elegance, originality and quality of each of our garments, will help you create a distinguished and unique atmosphere in your business.

Your store window will look attractive and striking to customers looking for something special for their children and when they see and touch the different garments, they will be delighted with your services.

Following our philosophy of sustainability but, mainly, of protection for the skin of the small ones of house, we worked each and every one of our articles with the maximum care, affection and of artisan form.

In addition, as we always do, we use quality raw materials that respect the environment and, of course, children's health. That is why merino wool and organic cotton are the great protagonists in all our pieces. This guarantees comfort, flexibility, softness and care for children's skin.

For Fina Ejerique, offering you the best baby clothes you can find is a priority. And, in this way, we manage to help you grow as a company while ensuring that children are dressed in fabrics suitable for their delicate skins and follow current fashion trends.

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