Ideas for the design of your store this summer season

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The heat, the sun, the desire for a well-deserved vacation, the idea of family days and long hours on beaches and swimming pools is the ideal appeal for our customers to be captivated by the refreshing proposals that we offer them in our store.

Fina Ejerique wants to give you some  tips so that you can design your store for this summer to increase your profits. Go ahead, keep reading!And put the following tips into practice:

A completely eye-catching and profitable store design.

Any small detail that we carry out in the store design can influence the increase in sales, income and profits. A change of image, from time to time, is essential, but it is not a matter of doing it to do it, but of thinking well of what is the strategy we want to carry out and make it a reality.

To do this properly, we must take into account space, the display, the shelves ... everything, absolutely everything. 

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Organization in your shop design

Organization is the key. Always. And in a fashion store, more. Everything should be visually perfect, neat and in place. 

So that, at a glance, customers who enter the establishment can make an initial assessment and feel interested in some specific garments.

Space distribution in your store design

Put yourself in the client's shoes and ask yourself what would I do? And in the answer, there is always a solution.

Anyone, when entering a store, passes through the window and the entrance and the first impression they perceive will have a lot of weight in their purchase decision. Therefore, everything must be clean and, as we have said, orderly.

The route that is usually carried out begins on the right side, so a good strategy would be to place the seasonal garments there, the last ones that have arrived and the ones that we are most interested in selling.

Remember that it is the first impression of the client, so do not take advantage of the right side to try to sell those garments that you have not been able to sell.

Once the first step has been completed, we will trace the design of the store as it suits us best and, in it, we will distribute the rest of the garments. It can be in the form of a grid, in a loop or a free design.

Incorporate hooks in your store

Store design must also consider hot zones in which to include hook products that encourage cross-selling and impulsive buying. In this way, sales and therefore profits are increased.

These areas are usually near the counter or even near the star products.

The design of your store, in order for you to achieve the objectives that you have set for yourself, must be harmonious, fluent and maintain the story of a story that you want to tell your customers. In this way, and with the right organization, you will be able to capture more consumer attention, encourage the purchase and even retain them.

Summer season colors

Another of the most important aspects to take into account in the design for the summer season are the colors. They are usually cheerful, lively and flashy and knowing how to combine them will increase the appeal.

It is important that we do not overdo the exposure of the garments and, therefore, do not overload. Since, if we do, we will hinder visibility and cause a feeling of 

overwhelm in customers. 

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So now you know! At Fina Ejerique we will help you in order to prepare your store for success during the upcoming summer season.

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