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Our world needs a change and we are the ones who live in it who must put all our effort to carry it out.

For too many decades we have abused the natural resources and raw materials that nature offered us, wasting them and producing billions of tons of waste that ended up returning to the environment as pollution.

Therefore, among all of us, we must find a balance and bet, without hesitation, to continue exercising our activity causing the least possible impact on nature.

At Fina Ejerique we have joined this concept that is so beneficial for all, and sustainable fashion has become a fundamental part of our project. Because we believe that together and united we can save our wonderful world and that our future generations can continue to enjoy all the beauties that nature gives us.


What is sustainable fashion?


Sustainable fashion, also known as “slow fashion” or slow fashion, is a trend that is emerging strongly, and gaining more and more followers, in order to limit the waste of natural resources. But, in addition, this concept also includes social awareness, compliance with the human rights of employees who are part of the entire design, creation and distribution process and, of course, the recycling of materials that can be used. to generate new garments.

If we all work in favor of taking care of our environment, we will succeed, and the textile sector must also contribute its little grain of sand to join the cause.

Furthermore, it is our job to show consumers the benefits of sustainable fashion and thus help make social awareness a tangible reality.


How Fina Ejerique do sustainable fashion?


At Fina Ejerique we have been working for many years to care for the environment and to comply with the human rights of all our employees, paying them fair wages and offering them working conditions in which they can perform their functions comfortably. A good work environment, in which all workers feel comfortable, is a success for the brand. Since each garment, they develop incorporates the best of themselves.

We develop our manufacturing processes entirely in Spain, with the help of professionals who, by hand, make all the garments of the different collections that we put on the market.

In addition, whenever possible, we purchase all raw materials at the national level, and in this way, we avoid having to produce transport that generates more pollution.

Another of our great priorities is the recycling of the raw materials with which we work. Using, for example, elastane, weaving wool or, for complements and accessories, natural fibers.

Our main raw material is organic cotton which, in addition to having a minimum number of chemical components, treats the skin of the little ones at home with care and delicacy.

We are so strongly committed to sustainable fashion that we already have our own sustainable fashion catalog. In which our clients can consult, value and acquire each one of the available garments and that guarantee that the care, treatment, preparation and materials used in each garment, have been carried out maintaining the standards of our company philosophy.

At Fina Ejerique we work for children and, therefore, all the materials we use to make the different garments, in addition to being quality and recycled, are respectful of their delicate leathers.

Together we can achieve a better, healthier and more sustainable world. And we must be all aware of this and work together to achieve it.

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