All the baby boy summer clothes that you can include in your store this summer

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The trends in baby boys summer clothes are changing every year and, therefore, we wanted to prepare this post. So you can prepare your store with the latest news and offer your customers everything they are looking for.

Baby clothing trends for this summer 

Romantic style in baby clothes

The romantic style never goes out of style, but in each season it indeed adapts to the influences of each moment without giving up comfort and the essence of the style itself.

Throughout the year this style has maintained a strong presence, moderating the collars, ruffles and dots. And among the range of colors that will set trends are reds, grays and whites.

In our catalog, you can find multiple models of summer clothes for babies with this style, such as the blouse with a collar and ruffles on a white background and with little pink flowers.

Trends in baby clothes:   Decorative ribbons

The summer clothes for baby girls bring with them as a trend for the new season the exquisite touch of the bows in a great variety of their models. 

They are included in dresses or even in swimsuits or bikinis, such as one of the models that we propose in our spring-summer 2021 collection, which consists of a one-piece swimsuit, in blue stripes on a white background, with small ruffles on the straps and a beautiful big bow on the back.

Hoods and other baby accessories for this summer 

Another of the great trends in summer clothing for baby boys and girls is the use of hoods over caps or hats. And it is that, with them, the adaptation to the head and the protection against the sun is adequate, ensuring that the style of the chosen set is also maintained.

In addition, these encompass several of the trends: colors, materials and styles.

In our new collection, we offer you different models to choose from, so that your clients can select the options that best suit their needs.


The biggest trend for next summer: sustainable and recycled materials

Fortunately, more and more businesses in the retail sector are joining the use of sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials. And, of course, when it comes to summer clothes for babies, they offer great quality, comfort and pampering when in contact with delicate skin. Durability is another of the great benefits.

At Fina Ejerique, as a company committed to the environment, we have incorporated these types of materials in all our models, using organic cotton, elastane, natural fibers ... As, for example, in the knitted diaper cover made with organic cotton.

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So don't wait any longer and prepare your store with the perfect summer baby clothes! In fashion, following the latest trends and with the best and most material benefits used in its preparation.

Do not be left behind and select all those garments that best suit your audience. Prepare your shelves and keep your stock ready to satisfy all your customers. Increase your sales and increase your profits with the Fina Ejerique collection!



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