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Striped swimwear by Fina Ejerique

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In the swimwear collection of 2018, in addition to the family in light blue, which brings sweetness to the collection, you’ll find other families with more vibrant colours.

Brothers and sisters matching by Fina Ejerique

The stripes and the combination blue, white and red are usual in our collections because we love them and our customers ask us for this every year because they know that you love this type of printing too. With the same fabric we have designed different garments: Dress, swim pants, trunk, rashguard, swimsuit and bikini.

rashguard and swim pants by Fina Ejerique

swimsuit or bikini by Fina Ejerique

Also to combine the older children we have designed a striped swim pants with red lobsters, one of the trends of this summer 2018.

Swim pants and t-shirt by Fina Ejerique

You will always find matching accessories for the outfit of your kids.

Towel and hat by Fina Ejerique swimwear

basket swimwear collection by Fina Ejerique


You can find these garments and others from the bathroom collection in your favorite children’s fashion store. If you do not know where it is, contact us and we will give you all the information.

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