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Although we are still in summer, we really wanted to show you a small preview of our fall winter 2013/2014 collection.

In this collection, and as usual in all Fina Ejerique colletions, all families are structured in such a way that you can combine girl, boy and baby clothes to dress all your childs matched.

Fina Ejerique Kidswear | Fall Winter 2013 2014

Within each family of clothes there are several lines: casual, formal and celebration, to dress our children for all types of events and situations.

Fina Ejerique Kidswear | Fall Winter 2013 2014

This is a collection full of contrasts and surprises. With weight fabrics like shetland wool, flannel and knits that combine with other light as cotton in viellas, poplin and cambric resulting in garments with great added value : the little details and embellishments that get truly special products.

Fina Ejerique Kidswear | Fall Winter 2013 2014

For the color range, we are inspired by the palette of Gauguin in Polynesia: neutral colors like taupe, gray or navy contrasted with bright colorful and energetic: turquoise, mustard, red and mauve.

The prints has primitive aspects with colorful spots.

Fina Ejerique Kidswear | Fall Winter 2013 2014

What do you think about this preview of the collection?

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    Muchas gracias. Por pasar por el blog y por tus palabras.

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