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Adding colour by Fina Ejerique

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It’s not the first time we wrote that the basic colours of Spring are white, blue and red. Precisely to this last one we dedicate this article.

The Red

The marine habitats and specifically the coral reefs are one of the inspirations of this Spring Summer collection. And so we interpret the garments in coral red this season, as precious corals in the middle of the blue ocean. And like the reefs, these garments fill the collection with life.

Red trousers and shorts can be combined with different shirts and families from the collection such as striped or denim.

The rino’s jumper is one of the best sellers this season, you can combine it with blue, with stripes, with white or… well, with whatever you want.

For the babies, the red is in a milleraies-striped romper suit that matches the shorts made in the same fabric.

If you like dresses best, we have two versions in red. Both have decorative flounces.

The one designed for older girls, has the flounce in V in front and a navy bow on the back. The dress designed for babies and girls up to 4 years old has flattering flounes on the sides, high waist and a navy blue bow.

You will find us in your nearest children’s fashion shop, either physical or online, contact us and we will tell you where are this shops. [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

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