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Video presentation fall-winter collection

To present kidswear collection autumn-winter 13/14, we decided to make a video and tell to you what inspired us to creation.

In it, Fina Ejerique, Director of Design, and Ana Perez, from the same department, tell us the sources they have drunk to compose the collection.

These sources are diverse. To begin, there is the street: walking in the parks and watching the children as they play, because in this way I know what can put then. How should be the garments to allow movements of children in day to day. It also draws heavily on the movies and museums.

This new fall-winter collection is inspired by impressionist painting, one of Fina Ejerique’s favorite painting movements.

“We look at Gauguin and his paintings in Polynesia, particularly in a box that is titled “What’s New?”

Ana Perez

Gauguin ¿Qué hay de nuevo?

In this picture there is a mix of colors that could be very interesting and a very powerful engine for the new collection.

The entire collection was based on these mixtures of colors. Neutral colors, taupe, navy contrasting in Fina Ejerique words, “with bright and dynamic colors like turquoise, mustard, mauve and red”.

Colores colección otoño invierno 13/14

The main reason for Fina Ejerique is to take care and pamper each of its children’s fashion collections, both fabric and details.

Here’s the video of the fall-winter 13/14:

image source: http://www.museothyssen.org/microsites/exposiciones/2012/gauguin/invitacion.html

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