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Bohochic, an ideal look for weddings


Are you preparing your wedding and you have a board on Pinterest, with lots of ideas inspired in boho-chic style?



This style has been several years between us and seems to be staying for a while. Mix a bohemian touch, lace, crochet, flowers, glass, wood … There are no fixed rules to establish which is the best combination, so give free rein to your imagination and look for the details that adjust more to you.

We want to make our contribution to your board, ;) with these four looks, in salmon, for page girls.

The first two proposals are made in a sweet chiffon plumeti, with ecru lace. The dress with long sleeve is designed for girls aged 2-14 years and the one with short sleeve is for babies and girls from 3 months to 4 years.


Fina Ejerique ceremony salmon bohochic dress


If you like boho chic style and love lace, the following looks are perfect for you. The one with long sleeve, designed for girls aged 2-14 years, has a thin little belt adorned with a darker salmon ribbon and, the other dress, for girls from 3 months to 4 years, is a looser design with bows on shoulders.

Fina ejerique ceremony lace salmon dress


Do you like these dresses? If you don’t know where to find them, write us to community@finaejerique.es or contact us, through social networks, to know which shops, physical and online, sell them.

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Images ornaments designed by Freepik

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