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dark grey and white

One of the most successful family in the trade show was the one in grey and white chequered fabric. All of our customers wanted it to be sold at their shops, sensing what was going to happen. The final customer loved it so shops order more units again and again.

As always, we give you the possibility to bring your children or the cousins combined. So, there are two different models of dresses, one for the smaller ones (from 3 months to 4 years) and the other for the older ones (from 2 to 14 years).

And short and bloomers for babies, made in the same fabric you can combine with dark grey cardigan or the lovely penguin jumper.

As always say you, if you like those garments, you can fin[elevencl] Here goes your content [/elevencl][endrw /]d them on childrens fashion shops. Write us in order to know where to find this shops.




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