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ceremony outfits


Ceremony by Fina Ejerique

Spring and the beginning of Summer are the quintessential time of celebrations. During these months most of the communions and weddings that take place throughout the year are concentrated because the day starts to lengthen…

By Fina Ejerique

8 February, 2019

Pinks by Fina Ejerique

In this Spring Summer 2018 collection by Fina Ejerique, among the blues of the sea, there are touches of color, as when diving through the Great Barrier Reef. We show you the collection in red,…

By Fina Ejerique

11 June, 2018

Christmas time (II)

If a few days ago we show you several outfits for Christmas in golden tones, today we propose some outfits for those that prefer greys, silvers and blacks.

By Fina Ejerique

23 December, 2016

Christmas time

Almost without thinking it is already here Christmas … and for these special days we propose some special looks.

By antiguo

21 December, 2016