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Data privacy

As we say in our Legal Notice, your data is stored with your consent for the purpose of verifying that the writer of the comment is a natural person and not a robot designed for “spamming”. This data includes name, email and IP. The web administrator is the only who has access and will not disclose it to anyone.

Financing and relations with other entities

The site finaejerique.es does not accept paid advertising any of the companies mentioned in any of its pages.

Comments Policy *

  • Our website allows comments on its contents, such comments are moderated so they must wait for approval from a moderator to appear published. Our community manager shall answer them within 24 to 48 hours, except on holidays. In the case concerned a topic that requires the participation of another person in the company will filter the comment to the appropriate person.
  • Remember that if you leave a comment on this website / blog you should not give personal information such as email, phone or any other contact information. In case, for whatever reason, was published a comment with information of this type, will be edited by our community manager to remove the information that can be used by others fraudulently.
  • If you insult (another user, any member of the company, the company or the brand) or considering that you spam or your comment does not meet the rules of netiquette delete it having no obligation to warn.
  • If we consider that your comment only do advertising of your brand, without contributing anything to the user, it will be delete. There are other websites created for this purpose and we want our users browses quietly among the content they have chosen to visit.
  • If you violate any of these conditions, Globotex, SL can mark you as spam and avoid you to comment on finaejerique.es.
  • Allowing the comments we want to create a place where communication flows between the Fina Ejerique (the brand) and web users, so please respect.
  • We thank the correct use of spelling. Do not leave out letters in words as if you were sending an SMS, you have not restricted the writing space. Users of this site are from different countries and they all have not to understand. Use capital letters when playing, remember that all caps on the internet means you are shouting.
  • If you are a professional children’s fashion and leave a comment, please let us know.
  • Globotex, S.L. is not responsible for the opinions of users of their sites (web / blog / social networks) may not agree with what is said in these reviews.

 * Applies to all channels in which we operate:

Thank you for your cooperation!!

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