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Muy pronto… Colección Primavera – Verano 2014Soon… Spring – Summer Collection 2014

This month, between the 21st. and 23rd. of June, will be the 77th International Children’s Fashion Fair of Valencia (FIMI). As usual, a few weeks before the fair, Fina Ejerique celebrates a convention to show the collection to our salesmen. They are the first (not counting those involved in the process of creating and dressmaking) to see it and their feedback is very important, both personally and professionally, because they are the ones who are more in touch with the stores.

So when we read the story of one of them, Thomas Ocaña, in his blog El Balancín, we felt very flattered.

He dedicates us phrases like:

“The variety of its colors and its commitment to the latest trends definitely become Fina Ejerique’s collection one of the references in the Spanish Children’s Fashion.”

“…what makes the collection permeated by a sweetness and elegance unmatched.”

“The knitwear collection is a superb design and quality, all are made in one piece, seamless and their tinted are perfect to accompanying the different families.”

“As for the swimwear collection, simply SPECTACULAR […] You will find few swimwear collections like this, I assure you.”

“… The collection, to be presented (Fine Ejerique) in FIMI (21 to 23 June), is a definitive, resolute and firm  commitment for QUALITY, and the Quality made in Spain, which represents a significant value to final product. “

Tomás, thank you for your words.

You are an important part of this project which is a team where each one it is a fundamental piece. Thanks to all

If you want to read the full Tomás post, you have it in the following link:


convención Fina Ejerique

Image source: Tomás Ocaña (El Balancín)

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