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Purple for boys by Fina Ejerique

Purple in kidswear for boys? Yes! because we don’t like to exclude and we think this colour is flatering.

And with this family you can dress brothers and sisters matching dressing the girls with mauve garments.

Fina Ejerique children's fashion autumn winter 17-18

In this 2017 autumn winter collection, you’ll find purple in corduroy trousers and shorts combining with mauve, grey and beige jumpers. Thinking in a total outfit, we’ve design mauve stripped shirts with mandarin and peter pan collar.

Fina Ejerique kidswear Autumn Winter1718 purple for boy

We leave you the choice of the jumper to combine it with…

Fina Ejerique kidswear jumpers Autumn Winter171Fina Ejerique kidswear jumpers Autumn Winter171

You’ll find the jumpers, cardigan, trousers, shorts and shirts in children’s fashion shops. Drope us a line  to know where..




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