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Autumn is coming!

Beginning of autumn is just around the corner and the sweet vacation days are gone.

We have exceeded the back to school and the”books lining”operation and prepare for the arrival of the new season begins, in Spain, on September 23rd.
In the Autumn Winter Collection of Fina Ejerique children’s fashion, you’ll find basic garments, perfect to dress the children for the season of falling leaves.

Autumn Fine Ejerique kidswear

For girls

Among all the dresses from our collection, we propose you these four models in flower prints, because although the approaching autumn, the flowers always look good.

They are made of viella, cotton (red and white) and viscose (the blue and gray) a lightweight and quality fabric, that provides mobility and comfort, without forget style.

 Fina Ejerique print dresses fall winter 2015

Here’s a detail of the prints.

Details Fina children's fashion dresses Ejerique tissue
For boys

No, we never forget boys. So this year we have several proposals which are comfortable and gorgeous. Today we propose you these four combinations, in four colors that stand out in the families of the Autumn Winter 2015.

Chaquetas y suéteres otoño invierno 2015 moda infantilcamisas otoño invierno 2015 moda infantilPantalón otoño invierno 2015 moda infantil

GREEN Green corduroy trousers combined with a white viella cotton printed in green shirt and gray Austrian type jacket with green trim.

RED Strong tan corduroy trousers, blue sky oxford shirt with red sweater with beige elbow patches

BLUE Blue velvet trousers, white viella cotton printed in blue shirt combined with navy blue jacket with gray edging.

MAROON Maroon corduroy trousers with light pink oxford shirt and completing the look, beige sweater with maroon edging.

Do you like these proposals? You know where to find us?

Write an email to community@finaejerique.es or contact us through social networks.

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