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We are in March and, soon, will have the agenda full of weddings, baptisms and communions… The first thing we do is look in the closets, clothes from the last year with which the kids were so cute but, what if the kids have grown and the last year’s garments doesn’t fit them?
You have to find what options are this season. To help, we show in this post, some clothes from our spring summer 2015 collection.
Tres ejemplos de la Moda infantil de Fina Ejerique para eventos
As you know, the premise of Fina Ejerique when designing collections is that children are comfortable without forgetting the style and taking special care, in the selection of fabrics that we use in every family.
Among the items that we present today, we find jacquard, embroidered tulle or organza, in so sweet colors like our girls.
Vestidos de ceremonia moda infantil Fina Ejerique
Making versions with the same fabrics for babies, but with designs thought in them and matching knickers.
Vestidos de ceremonia para bebé Fina Ejerique moda-infantil-bebe-fina-ejerique (2)
And for boys, outfits with blazers and shorts in sersuker tissue or navy blue linen.
Moda infantil nino Fina Ejerique
Do you like our proposals? Write us and we’ll tell you where find Fina Ejerique.


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