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The sea has not got only blue colors, we can see different shades of green in the crystal clear waters all over the world.

Fina Ejerique moda infantil para niños niñas y bebés - kidswear for boys, girls and babies

Part of our Spring Summer 2018 collection is inpired by those greens. We have created garments for boys, girls and babies so that they can dress coordinated.

The turquoise family represents those summer afternoons, with comfortable, cool clothes, after having spent a day at the beach, making castles in the sand and enjoying an ice cream under the beach umbrella. Summer afternoons walking through a picturesque village where once the fishermen were the main source of wealth. Through streets with white houses, in which the bougainvillea grows and stone pavement.

Vestido verde turquesa para niñas y bebés de Fina Ejerique ss18 Pololo y camisa blanca de Fina Ejerique SS18
green dress by Fina Ejerique SS18 pantalon niña con tirantes y blusa blanca de Fina Ejerique SS18

Boys can dress matching with their sisters with green twill trousers or shorts with or without suspenders that combine perfectly with blue or white shirt.

mint trousers white shirt by Fina Ejerique SS18 bermuda menta y camisa azul de Fina Ejerique for boys SS18 bermuda verde y camisa blanca de Fina Ejerique SS18

For babieswe’ve designed seersuker shorts:

striped mint shorts and white shirt for babies by Fina Ejerique SS18

In addition to the turquoise, mint green is present in countless small bays… and it’s represented in these two dresses, perfect to give a chic touch to the summer evenings.

mint dress for babies and girls by Fina Ejerique SS18 Vestido verde menta para niñas de Fina Ejerique SS18

We do not forget knitwear. For this family we have a cardigan, a sweater with a kind whale and a fairisle jumper, in a nod to Prince George of Cambridge.

mint knitwear Fina Ejerique SS18

You will find all these clothes in children’s fashion shops, physical and online, contact us and we will tell you where to find them.

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