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Fina Ejerique’s Harris chequered fabric

In the process of creating a kids fashion collection, before designing the garment, we see thousands of fabrics.

We have to decide, months before launching the collection, which fabric will be a success. It is a difficult task, because the manufacturers of fabrics make true wonders, but can not choose them all :) because in that case, we would have endless collections.

This is usually the case, but sometimes, our design team, has in their minds the designs but they did not find the fabric, so get to work hand in hand with manufacturers of fabrics and transmit them what they need. Sometimes we only need to modify an existing fabric but sometimes, the fabric is designed from scratch. That’s the way the Fina Ejerique’s exclusive fabrics born.

One of them is the Harris family, starting from a Harris fabric, we decided to combine navy blue and taupe and enlarge the drawing, to get a result as you can see in these garments.

The girls’ dresses…

Fina Ejerique Harris for girl

and the boys shorts…

Fina Ejerique Harris for boy

Do you like them?

If you want to get some of these models, contact us and we’ll tell you the shops where to find our collections.




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