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Fairisle garments in our autumn winter 2017-2018 collection

In Fina Ejerique we love the fairisle jumpers and jackets, classics garments that triumphs every season.

Even in the British royal house are fans of these models, the past winters we could see Prince George wearing a jumper and a jacket from our collections.

In this autumn winter 2017-2018 collection you will find designs that combine with all the families for both boys and girls.

The fairisle iced blue, white and grey jumper.

Suéter grecas alpinas azul gris y blanco Fina Ejerique

The toasted jacket with dark grey greca is a modern touch to any outfit.

Chaqueta tostada greca gris marengo Fina Ejerique

Mauve is one of the star colors in our autumn winter collection and that’s why among the garments you will find the mauve jacket with beige fretwork.

Chaqueta malva grecas alpinas beige Fina Ejerique

Similar to the jumper worn by Prince George, in this collection we have designed an iced blue sweater with a very becoming fretwork in white, gray and blue.

Suéter azul hielo grecas Fina Ejerique

The combination of navy blue, gray and red always works right and this sweater in rustic wool is so beautiful that is ona of the best sellers.

Suéter azul marino lana rústica grecas Fina Ejerique

You’ll find all these knitwear and many more garments in children’s fashion and online shops. If you want to know where to find them, please contact us.

Fina Ejerique boys autumn winter 17-18

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