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Fina Ejerique en FinlandiaFina Ejerique in Finland

Youngest Fashion, a children’s fashion shop, opened its doors at Helsinki (Finland).

As they say at their website, “parents always want only the best for their children and naturally this means clothing as well” so now, the finns can buy the best clothes for their children.

They select their products carefully paying special “attention to product quality inventory, because clothing must be made of natural materials that do not cause allergies and keep baby’s skin healthy” and thinking about children whom are very mobile, “they choose practical and comfortable clothes” that “fit perfectly and do not restrict movement”

Fina Ejerique in Finland

In Fina Ejerique are happy to be among the selected brands to be in this store. And we would thank Youngest Fashion has choosen us.

If you’re not at Helsinki, no worries, you can buy Fina Ejerique clothes at Youngest Fashion shop online.

If you want to be informed of all their news, you can follow them on facebook or twitter.

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