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De bautizo con Fina Ejerique moda infantilWe're going to christening with Fina Ejerique children's fashion

We recognize that, one of the things we love, is to receive pictures of your children dressed by Fina Ejerique.
Fina Ejerique moda infantil

It’s the end of the trip of an idea, born in the design department… We chose the fabrics (always with Ökotex certificate), thought the designs, create the collection, presented at fairs of Children’s fashion, shops choose us, and, in the end our garments become part of the closets of your little ones… So we love to see your photographs.
This time we recieved the photo, taken by the photographer Anita Andrade, from Bubalu, a shop online (where you can find our brand). Bubalu is a proyect of a Spanish woman based in Miami (United States). In the photos we can see her beautiful son on the day of the christening day of his little sister.
Fina Ejerique Children's Fashion in USA
Would you like to share photos of your children dressed with Fina Ejerique? Write to community@finaejerique.es attaching the images you want to publish and telling a little about you.
We’d love to read you!

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