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November 2014

Preparing Christmas looks for children

Preparing Christmas looks for children Christmas is coming, children’s fashion stores change their shop window decorating them with snow, Christmas trees, sleighs, reindeers and highlighting the garments that will make your children are very well dressed…

By Fina Ejerique

26 November, 2014

Children looks good on patterned dresses

Dresses With patterned fabrics: an option that never fails Virtually in all children’s fashion collections of Fina Ejerique, you can find garments with patterned fabrics and that’s because it’s a becoming option to dress the girls.

By Fina Ejerique

18 November, 2014

Pink dress: autumn trend

Pink is a color trend for autumn   In Fina Ejerique, we love pink, so we have not ignored this children’s fashion trend. This color is in many of our designs, but today we focus on…

By Fina Ejerique

12 November, 2014